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ACRIFAB introduces the globe to a new dimension in digital microscope industry with VisioScope. Today, with the unique combination of 5 mega-Pixel HD camera having high frame rate to match real time activities with high clarity zoom Lenses having high depth of field, a new standard in industrial microscopes. Our VisioScope allows even first-time users to immediately produce superior images and highly reliable results, thanks to even more advanced features and an even simpler interface. VisioScope permits great inspection with greater working distance.

1. Digital Camera
✓ HD Camera.
✓ Dual Connectivity:
-> VGA, which can be connected directly with LED Monitor. Hence, it does not require Computer System or TV Monitor.
-> USB 2.0, which can be connected with Computer System as further Image processing software can be used for Calibration based measurement.
✓ Camera comes with Wireless Mouse which can set parameter of camera (Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Freeze, Color) and functions(Grid Lines, Image capture, Video Recording) from Display itself
✓ SD card slot is available that can store captured Image/Video.

2. Optics
-> High Depth of Field: up-to 25mm.
-> High Working Distance Range: 174mm to 335mm.

3. Lighting
LED Light: Produces less heat. Long
lifeline, Intensity controller that can set intensity of light.

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4. Stand
-> XY- Movement and Locking.
-> Angular Position that can have 3D view (Angle View) of the Object.
-> Angular position also helps to nullify the light reflection on Reflective surface.

Digital Camera
Sensor 1/2.86 Inches Panasonic CMOS Sensor
Video Resolution 1920× x 1080
Image Resolution 5.0 Mega-Pixel
Pixel Size 2.75*2.75um
Digital Magnification 10×x Digital Zoom in and out Function on Preview
Output Interface VGA (Direct on LED Monitor) & USB 2.0 output (On Computer System)
Frame Rate 30fps
White Balance & Brightness Setting Automatic/Manual
Color R/G/B Adjustable
Freeze, Wide Dynamic & Edge Enhancement Supports
Enhancement Cross Cursor Multi Cursors & Multi-color Supports
OSD UI Design, Mouse Control
SD Card Slot Support External SD Card

Software Compatibility
OS Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/10 (32 & 64bit)
Processor Intel processor (Core2 Duo or higher is recommended)
Memory 2GB or More is recommended
Port USB2.0 Hi-Speed port

Zoom 10X
Iris Control Manual
Length Template Maximum length of template up to 1.5m
Working Distance Min.174mm to Max.335mm
Focus Control Manual
Depth Of Field Max. 25mm

Light Source
Color White
No. of LED 60
Color Temperature 6000K
Power Consumption 6W
Dimension ID: 45mm, OD: 85mm
Intensity Controller Yes

Functioning Manual
Bottom Plate Size 320 X 260 X 17 mm
Lifting Range 350mm
Force Part Focus Coarse and Fine Focus
Fine-Tuning Accuracy 0.02 mm
Adjustment Bracket 360 Free Rotation Adjustment Angle

Other Details
Weight 6.5 kg
Packaging Dimension 47.5cm x 43.5cm x 20cm
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year

Packaging List

->> Force Part Camera-Lens Unit
->> Base Plate
->> Vertical Pole
->> Horizontal Pole
->> Pole Attachment
->> Allen Key
->> Software CD
->> Camera Power Adapter
->> Camera USB Cable for PC use
->> Camera Mouse
->> LED Ring Light
->> Light Intensity Controller-cum-Power Adapter
->> Light Power Cable

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