Print Quality Inspection System

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Print Quality Inspection System

Our intellect PQI is able to detect all kind of print defects upto 0.1mm with 100% accuracy. It can be operated offline with A3, A4, A6 sizes. Same concept can be applied for Online Carton and label print inspection solutions.

Intellect PQI generates report and saves images of rejected errors.

Inspection Criteria are as follow..

1) Print Missing
2) Partial Printing
3) Over Print
4) Wrong Font
5) Undesired bolding or italicizing
6) Missing special fonts
7) Incorrect character spacing
8) Missing special characters or ascents
9) Carton and Printed foil proof verification
10) Color identification and verification
11) Code inspection

This application can be used productively in following industries..

✓ Pharma Industry
✓ Printing & Packaging industry
✓ Paper Industry
✓ FMCG etc...

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