USB Digital Micrscope - MV200UA

USB Digital Micrscope - MV200UA

Digital USB Microscope is a creative device that it is an amazing and easy to use handheld digital microscope with USB interface. It broke the conception of traditional microscope, it realized these functions: measurement, save, copy, transfer image and video which are difficult for a traditional microscope. It is a small, easy to operate and portable fun.


1)Handheld Digital Microscope
2) High Speed access
3) High Resolution up to 2.0 & 5.0MP
4) Pixel: Excellent Images
5) Independently developed display software
6) Video Recording, Snap shot, Measurement
7) facility Full screen option available

entry title


1)Industrial Inspection
2)Electronics/Mechanical Assembly and Quality Control
3)Medical Analysis
4) Scientific Teaching Tool
5) School Research Tool
6)Printing Inspection
7) Textile inspection
8)Dermatology (Skin/Scalp) exam
9) Insect dissection/observing
10)Plant dissection/observing
12)Inspection Reading aide etc.

Price Detail with Model Number

2.0 Mega-pixel USB Digital Microscope

Model No:”MV-200UA”
Price: 9,500/- INR + Tax

Price for Multiple Quantities
Model No : MV-200UA
1 Unit : 9,500 ₹
2-5 Units : 9,000 ₹
2-5 Units : 8,500 ₹


Resolution : 2.0 Mega-Pixel
Sensor : 1/3 Image CMOS
Image Pixel : 640x480 , 1280x960, 1600x1200
Frame rate : 10fps@1600*1200, 15fps@1280*960, 30fps@640*480
Signal Interface : USB2.0/USB1.1
Power Consumption : 0.75W MAX
USB Line : 2m
Camera type : Color CMOS Camera
Image Quality : Highest Definition
Illumination : 8Pcs white adjustable LEDs
Lens : 200x microscopical lens with High Definition
Optical features : Gamma correction : Auto
                                   Numerical Aperture : Auto
                                   Exposure : Auto
                                   White Balance : Auto
                                   Black Reference : Auto
                                   Flicker Avoidance : Auto
                                   Defect Identification : Auto
                                   Color Saturation : Auto
Power Source : USB5.0V DC
Magnifications : 5x-200x Base on 17th display
Object Distance: 0-300mm
Dimension : 36mm(Diameter)*120mm(length)
Any view cap Software : Snapshot, Video Recorder, Take Lapsed Picture, Measurement and Calibration.
Weight : 100gm +/- 10g

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